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EnRange logo 2014AEn.Range, Inc. is an established and specialized environmental and range services firm originally founded in 1996 as Southern Deleading Services as a dba of Thomas M. Taylor.  In 1999 we incorporated as En-Range, Inc. then re-incorporated again in 2004 as En.Range, Inc. as a minority, women-owned business.  We are an independent business not owned or controlled by any other entity.  En.Range is fully licensed, insured, and operates in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and all applicable county, city, state and federal guidelines and regulations.  En.Range is one of only a handful of licensed and insured companies in the U.S. that exclusively serves gun ranges: indoor and outdoor, public, police, military and private gun ranges.  We are certified lead abatement contractors who remove lead, copper, brass, and any other contaminants from ranges, and perform services from basic low cost lead removal, to full environmental assessment, remediation, and abatement.

En.Range gun ranges.  We have our own fleet of state-of-the-art, custom built, high speed trommel and high frequency vibratory screening plants; pneumatic separation units specially designed for lead separation and removal; as well as our own fleet of trucks and heavy equipment. We recycle and/or dispose of all grades of metal contaminated soils, including unexploded ordnances or any other type of lead contaminated material.   We provide soil, air, and water testing & analysis, and we de-lead, treat and chemically fixate soils, sands, and rock; and we can fully reconstruct berms as well as skeet and trap fields to site specifications.  We can assist with all aspects of range development, range maintenance, and range closures.  Our company recovers and recycles all reclaimed metals using only EPA approved recycling facilities.  This allows us to provide our customers not only full documentation, but also full indemnification relieving our customers of all current and future liability associated with the recycled materials.

Over the past 16 years En.Range Inc. has devoted itself exclusively to becoming the leading expert in the niche field of gun range maintenance and clean-up.  En.Range Inc. is a leader in customizing lead management plans utilizing a combination of proprietary and proven methods to protect the environment from adverse impacts of lead and other contaminates even under extreme site conditions.  We have been contributing editors for numerous state Best Management Practices (BMP) documents and instrumental in pioneering new techniques and processes to effectively remove lead and other heavy metals from all types of soils and materials.

We also have a crew that has since 2006 has been dedicated to cleaning-up skeet and trap ranges, now in our sixth year of operation, working exclusively in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.  Specifically we are actively involved with three other ranges in Maryland this year, having successfully bid, won, and completed cleaning Talbot Rod and Gun Club, and in the process of cleaning Salisbury Gun Club.  We also have a long-standing and close working relationship with the leading experts in gun ranges and environmental issues: Dr. Richard K. “Dick” Petticord, Clark Vargas of C. Vargas & Associates, and especially Dr. Lena Ma, who is the head researcher of the Biogeochemistry of Trace Metals Program, Soil & Water Science Dept., Institute of Food & Agricultural Sciences, at the University of Florida, and one of the leading experts in lead mobility in firing ranges, as well as her graduate students and their research.

Today we have grown to 21 employees nationwide, with three crews operating in different areas of the county simultaneously.  Our normal office hours are Monday through Friday from 7:30 A.M.  to 4:00 P.M.

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